Finger Family Privacy Policy

It is my desire to have as complete a genealogical website as possible, but with the world being the way it is, a measure of caution is also appropriate. It is a bit of a challenge to balance the right to privacy with a genealogical database that has some usefulness. With that in mind, here is my approach:

  1. No birth data (place or date) are listed for persons (presumed living) born less than 100 years ago. Since I don't always have death dates for many entries, this is more consistent than trying to flag living persons (Some search results may show the just the birth year).

  2. I never post any of the following:   Address   Telephone Number   Social Security Number

  3. I don't send out my Gedcom file.

  4. Any Gedcom files I receive are treated as confidential and never forwarded to any other person. Any information I post from a Gedcom file complies with items 1 & 2 above.

  5. As it is possible to find a person's mother's maiden name, it would be the course of wisdom to use some other word for a credit card or bank account password. Mother's maiden names can be obtained from public records, so posting them on this site would not constitute any added invasion of privacy.

  6. Source information, including e-mail addresses, is listed by permission.

  7. I do not use cookies nor do I collect any information from visitors to the site. However, the search feature does report to me what has been searched for, but nothing about who did the search.

  8. I will be happy to remove any person's data from the site if that person asks me to do so.

  9. I receive inquiries at times about contacting living persons. I will forward those requests on to the person in question or to a close contact person, but will not give out the e-mail address to the person inquiring.

  10. The Finger Family site is family friendly and does not contain any "adult" material. Also, we do not use any pop-ups, pop-unders, cookies, banners, adware, spyware, or similar.

  11. Learn more about Identity Theft and Genealogy.

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