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last updated January 14, 2019

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Other sites relating to Finger genealogy:
FingerFamily Genealogy Forum      The Surname Web    Fingers in Brazil       Richard Finger      Columbia County Cemetery Index (F)
The Southern Finger Family    Genealogy of Hayyim (Heinrich) and Hannah Seifter Finger    Finger Genealogy at WikiTree

Also of Interest:
Fingerson Page

Reference Sites:
Columbia County New York History & Genealogy
Palatines to America

Other Finger sites (non-genealogical):
The sites listed here are taken from a general web search and are listed for information only. Some of these
may be commercial in nature, however has no monetary interest in them, and their listing here
does not constitute any kind of endorsement.

Arthur Finger, Generalmajor
Bill Finger, Writer
Charles J. Finger, Author
Finger Family History
The Story of George E. Finger
George W. Finger III
  Fingar Insurance
Jennifer Finger
John Finger, Artist
John Finger, Racer
Joseph Finger
Kyle Finger
  Mark Fingar, Photographer
Paul Finger, Real Estate
Peter Finger, Guitarist
Peter Finger, Photographer
Susan Finger, Professor

Peter Fenger Builders, Ltd.

Bob Fingerman

Michael Fingerman, Attorney

Rollie Fingers, Baseball Player

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