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And a Heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed!

"This site should be referred to as THE Finger Family Site as it is packed with information from a multitude of sources.
Make this your first stop for researching Vinger, Finger, and Fingar. . . "

Although the above text is no longer on that site, (Distant Cousins) that is what it said a while back. - Dec, 2002

I really enjoy perusing your site and learning about my family. Thank you for keeping it up. D.F. 7/16/21

I just wanted to say, "Thank you" for having so much information and for having done so much research. K. G. 6/22/20

I have found this site informative and fascinating. Thank you for maintaining it. L.M. 9/26/19

I would like to thank your for this highly informative website and the huge effort you have certainly spent on creating it. It has been most valuable in researching our own family history. - L.F. 12/27/15

Thanks for all your help and the website in general! The stories of Fingers in history and the news is very, very interesting. The lineage detail is almost overwhelming. This is probably the only single source of that combined information. It's a major commitment on your part. - R.F. 1/13/14

I am amazed at the organization and quality of information on your website. I would be honored to be able to add to it at all. - P.R. 8/13/13

I want to thank you for the information you have posted. I have been searching for my great great grandfathers information and finally found it... - N.D. 2/16/12

Love the site, it is always interesting learning about history which includes relatives! Very cool! Thanks! - B.F. 3/27/11

Thank you, Dwight. You have done a remarkable job on your website....it provided me (and I'm sure countless others) with a ton of information I would otherwise have had to spend close to forever finding. - T.W. 11/17/10

I just found your family site and am delighted to see it... I look forward to reading through your site and thank you for maintaining it. - C.L. 11/2/09

Love your website…lots of research and time went into it, obviously. - S.G. 11/22/08

I have been researching my cousin's family tree and I have found your research very helpful. - C.C. 8/13/08

I discovered your wonderful family genealogy site while searching for additional family members... We are so pleased to discover that our family history has been preserved for so many years. - D.F. 1/15/08

Dwight, I... consider your website THE Finger website. There are no others that compare. Your dedication is readily apparent. I'm glad I can make a small contribution. - J.V. 1/1/08

I have many other comments, but first let me tell you how amazing your work here is and how grateful I am to have found it! - C.R. 9/27/07

I found the website pretty much by accident. It is full of useful information. - H.F. 9/14/06

I also wanted to let you know I Love your site. It is fun looking at my family history.
Thank you for... the web site that will help me tell my children what their history is.
- M.L. 4/27/06

...this is a splendid site full of valuable information. Thank you for making it available. - C.T. 2/13/06

Thanks again for being the central repository of all Finger family research on the World Wide Web. - J.V. 7/20/05

Thank you for this wonderful page. I enjoy looking at all my ancestors. - A.B. 6/5/05

Thanks for posting such a great resource! - L.O. 10/27/04

Just visited your website yesterday, and it was very nicely made. Thank you for making this information available to use! - D.T. 2/3/04

I have been on the Fingar site many times and want to thank you for helping me in my search for ancestors... This site has been so informative and helpful that I want to thank you all very much. - C.C. 1/17/04

I just ran into your page and it is amazing!!! - C.F. 10/29/03

Thank you again for all your help with the WONDERFUL website. - D.W. 3/23/03

Boy, was I shocked to actually find a Finger Family web site loaded with genealogical data. - J.F. 3/20/02

I have now had the opportunity to spend many hours on your website and find it fantastic! Your work is certainly beginning to rival the well documented Rockefeller genealogy and, I believe, surpasses that on the Lasher family - two other old Palatinate names. - L.F. 2/22/02

Your site certainly is the hub of all Finger genealogy so I'd say it's my best shot for a lead. - R.F. 1/9/02

. . . you have a great web site and the amount of information you provide is very amazing. Good work! - M.S. 10/30/01

First, thank you for such a worthwhile site - easy to use, informative. - D.T.10/21/01

Hello, thanks for your efforts and work...it has been interesting touring your site...and i can tell there has been much dedication to it ...thanks again... - B.L. 8/20/01

I consider your webpage the premier site for Finger genealogy, anywhere, anytime. - J.V. 6/19/01

I have just stared doing a little family tree research of my own and have happily discovered your site... You have done a remarkable job and I applaud you for it! - R.L. 4/20/01

I was very excited to receive a link to your Finger Family site... I look forward to much spending time browsing. - A.S. 4/15/01

I am still poking around the site and am amazed at how much information there is there... Thank you very much for providing this wonder source of family history. - W.F. 3/5/01

I refer people to your website quite often trusting it will help them and in turn gather info for you. - R.F. 2/23/01

Great web site, keep up the good work... - M.S. 11/10/00

It is nice to know that there are other Finger families out there. My mother's maiden name is Finger (not related of course), so I am a Finger from both sides. Just wanted to say, nice site. - J.F. 11/5/00

I want to thank you very much for the information. . . at your site. Sorry it took me so long to find it. - L.C. 10/3/00

Thanks for a great web site. - J.C.V. 9/9/00

Your web site is very interesting, keep up the good work! - D.F. 8/17/00

You have done your research well, I see. An impressive site. Congrats. - J.S. 8/9/00

Thank you for introducing me to your web site. It is very well done and I picked up several pieces of information from it. - C.S. 7/9/00

Hi, I go another time to see your site, i read almost eveything and it super!!!! Don't stop your fantastic work!! - S.F. 4/13/00

Very nice page. - L.A.F. 8/12/99

I am impressed with your web page and I want to thank you for doing a fine job. - G.L. 8/8/99

Hello, I found your great website via the Distant Cousins website - K.G. 7/19/99

I found your site very interesting and will contribute - C.F.W. 6/17/99

It is well designed and very informative. - P.B. 4/11/99

My compliments on your site, very well put together and quite informative - T.O. 1/1/99

I can't tell you how excited I was to find your web site. - L.B. 12/9/98

Very Nice site, Dwight. - C.M. 10/10/98

While browsing the web, we found our family geneology. What a great job you have done! - J.F.B. 9/18/98

Dwight: Like your web page. I would be glad to add a link to your page. - A.F. 9/4/98

Like your page very much. - T.A. 5/8/98

Your web site with Finger database was like the Mother Lode! Awesome! - P.L. 5/2/98

Keep up the good job Dwight, - C.M. 4/25/98

I wish I had as much information and citation as you have on your website! - T.B. 4/13/98

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